Make it a half dozen

Yesterday marked the six year anniversary of training with ABADA-Capoeira San Francisco. It also marks a year since I last wrote here, but no matter. The idea is that you stick with it, right?

Well, I’d like to think I am a bit more dedicated to capoeira than I am to this blog. But the reason I am writing this is that I want to express my love and gratitude for the people and the place where I can always find what I need to feed my body and soul and more.


Here are a few things that I love about it, in no particular order:

  1. I never leave class regretting that I went. Even on the days that I drag myself there because I am tired or just defeated by work or life, it always makes me feel better mentally and physically.
  2. I probably don’t have to worry about being tended to if I get injured as there is likely a doctor around. There might even be a scientist, a teacher, a lawyer, an artist, or a programmer should I need one. There’s a lot of knowledge and talent in one room.
  3. I’m almost as likely to hear Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew or French in addition to English or Portuguese. It’s an lovely linguistic melody.
  4. I now have friends and acquaintances in many different places throughout the world because of capoeira. I may even take some of them up on their offer to stay at their homes some day. Watch out.
  5. I’m always finding new layers of things to learn and appreciate about capoeira, and it only gets richer and deeper as I continue to train. Be it the aspects of capoeira’s history, martial arts, music, etc., each time I think I know something, I find that there is something deeper to uncover behind it.

Obrigada capoeira.


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