Helmet or no?

I haven’t posted in a month, which is lame of me as I have been home for much of that time, except when I am at work. It’s been that long since I pulled myself off the street after my bicycle/car accident. I’m still picking tiny pieces of glass out of my face, by the way. Thankfully, the rest of me is relatively OK. My knees are tender as heck, but that’s minimal in comparison to one of my regular ferry riders, who has a shattered knee, courtesy of a cab that pulled out right in front of him.

But an important question the fellow ferry rider asked me was if I had my helmet on. As you may know, I did. I think it’s dumb not to–I don’t see any real benefit to not wearing it.

Out of curiosity, I watched riders for a few days, and noticed that approximately 55% of adults chose to not wear a helmet. I don’t think helmet wearing should be mandatory for adults (if you want to risk your life that way, it’s up to you–I’m not for mandating these things), but I wonder why people don’t do it. Vanity vs. safety seems like a silly argument. I understand the hat hair thing, but when observing those riders, many were wearing some kind of chapeau, so the hat/hair thing is irrelevant.

So, here’s my question–do you wear a helmet? If so, why or why not?


One response

  1. Yes. I’d rather not die or damage my brain. Honestly, if I wasn’t wearing a helmet, I wouldn’t ride a bike, just like I wouldn’t ride in a car if I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

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