I never order flowers–I buy them, or grow them, but I never order them.  But this week I ordered them for both my mom and my boyfriend’s dad, who are both in the hospital.

Woman pictured here is not my mom, but my own mom made me practice piano, even if I didn’t want to do it. She may have had a dress like that, though.

The good news is that they are feeling better and may get out this weekend.  It’s all my boyfriend and I can ask. Selfishly, we both want them to stay on earth a little longer.

For me, my mom has supported me through anything, even when we didn’t agree with one another, when we argued, or when I said horrible, thoughtless things. She’s been consistent in her love for me, despite disagreements or differences of opinions. I didn’t know how much she put up with until I was older.

She had a hard time this week, but hearing my mom’s voice today on the phone and knowing she was in better spirits was the best thing about today.

Hanging onto that for as long as I can.


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