Life’s little moments

There’s an ad campaign, something mom/cleaning-related, about life’s little moments.  I’m assuming some ad-exec somewhere riffed on life’s messy moments, but ignored the fact that life’s little moments can also be beautiful, like hot tea on a cold morning, warm sun breaking through the fog, or a man on the train giving up his seat for a pregnant woman.

These are all moments that make us feel warm, safe and OK about being human beings.  They often small, and some would say insignificant, but they propel us along, and push us through days that can be tiresome, tedious, and sometimes painful.

Everyone knows life isn’t always nice, or fun, or beautiful.  In terms of positive things, some people get more, some people get less, but small moments of beauty and/or kindness touch us all, despite our lot in life.

I always assumed that was what was life was about, that is, ugliness and pain interspersed with small bits of beauty and light, but I was always waiting for these good moments to happen, not seeing that they come in many forms, at many times of the day.  If you don’t look for them, you’ll miss them. And so I did, I missed them.

Maybe it was many years of therapy, but now I know, sentimental as it may be, this is what we get,whatever life gives us at one moment, and when it’s good, appreciate it. Now I see beautiful things more often, and try to appreciate them when they happen. And no, I don’t always see it, but I see the good stuff more than I used to. Not that I still don’t see the bad.

What’s the last unexpected beautiful thing you have seen?


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