Reading isn’t always a good thing

Want to piss me off?  Make me read the comments section on Business Insider or  Like today, I read the post on how Sarah Silverman is considering adoption as opposed to being a biological parent because she doesn’t want to pass on her depression to her child. I thought what she said made a lot of sense, but people made a lot of stupid comments about her being selfish because she wants to adopt, or depression being a choice.

But you know what? I totally get how she feels (well, I think I do).  Put aside the fact that my chances to reproduce now are narrowing by the nanosecond, but anytime people ask me why I don’t have kids, I have expressed that I have no desire to pass on my anxiety and depression to a kid of my own making.

Despite the stupid comments made below the article, depression is not a choice.  It’s how you deal with it that makes the difference, be it medicine, therapy or whatever else works. For me, it’s exercise, which I have been getting little due to my rolled ankle.  This may be but an anecdote, but I can tell you that this weekend I had the worst panic attack that I’ve had in some time. I would say a good chance of it is due to the fact that I have had little exercise except for riding my bike to and from work. Whatever it is, exercise seems to help ease my depression and anxiety, but it’s an ongoing struggle that I am prepared to deal with the rest of my life.

Maybe these people get immediate gratification by writing thoughtless comments, but I wonder where that gets them in the end.


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