Back to work

After more than half a year of doing my own thing, I’m giving agency life another go.  Starting next week, I’ll be back working in public relations full-time.

During my time freelancing, I always kept my options open, and an opportunity came up that seems like it will be a good fit.

Do I feel any trepidation? Truthfully, I still feel a mild sting due to my experiences at the last agency, so my my biggest concern is that we all work together well at the new place.  But I hope to take my many lessons from my past work life and apply them to the new job.

Will it be hard going back to a regular work routine?  A little, but I did spend a lot of time in the past eight months exploring my skills in writing, public relations, marketing and branding.  I also got to spend plenty of time with my pup, play capoeira a lot, study Portuguese and travel to Brazil, Canada, New York, Big Sur and Mendocino.

I’ll squeeze the last bits of free time that I have this weekend and take advantage of the ample sunshine and warmth, for Monday, it’s a new job and the beginning of a new story.

Wish me luck!


One response

  1. Hi Michelle,
    After two weeks or so of knowing you, let me tell you that it has been great being on your team and being your intern! I hope that once I leave the office, things at work continue to be as great as they are. You are a wonderful team-player and have showed a lot of valuable skills that have reflected on how our team as a whole functions. Thanks for being my mentor! I will definitely keep in touch with you 🙂 Although my blog is still under construction, don’t hesitate to pay me a visit!

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