Look where you are going, people!

Last month’s fatal crash between a cyclist and a pedestrian got people fired up again about the ongoing issue of bicycle safety in the city. From what I’ve read so far, it appears the cyclist was completely reckless, only concerned he would make it through the light.  But for what?  So he wouldn’t be late to work? Or he wanted to be home sooner? His motive isn’t clear yet, but what we know is that a man died because someone didn’t want to wait his turn.

Breaking the law to get somewhere faster, though, is something that almost everyone is guilty of at one point or another. Have you ever jaywalked so you didn’t have to walk all the way to the crosswalk up the street? Rolled through a stop sign while driving because it didn’t appear anyone else was at the intersection? Cycled on a sidewalk to avoid hectic traffic?

When you rush to get to work or a meeting or to drop your kids off at school, be it by bike, car, or on foot, you increase the risk of running into someone because you are too preoccupied with getting where you are going on time. And the irony is that when you are careless and run into someone, instead of being on time, you will be even more late, or not make it to your destination at all.

The issue is that we need to start paying more attention to others around us, no matter what form of transportation that we use.  Your actions do affect others. Get off your cell phone, slow down the pace a little, and look around.  As they say, the life you may be saving is your own.



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