The warrior goddess

When I was in grade school, I had to write a report about someone who I wanted to meet, real or mythical, deceased or alive. In the report I also had to describe what I would show that person about my life.  I was obsessed with Greek mythology in second grade, mostly due to lessons from my teacher about the topic (yes, teachers, you do make lasting impressions), so I wrote about showing the goddess Athena around my suburban California hometown.  Not sure how well that would have worked out had Athena been real, but oh well…I’ve mentioned how naive I can be, haven’t I?

But the feeling behind it was real.  I idolized Athena in the truest sense–I wanted to embody someone who was intelligent, creative and athletic–strong in mind and body.  Athena is the real Wonder Woman–not only a goddess of war and wisdom, but in Greek mythology, she is credited with teaching humans the art of agriculture, pottery, etching, and more.

Somewhere between now and grade school, I lost my obsession with Athena, but she appeared in my mind today. I’ve been thinking about her because I’ve been thinking about the real women in my life who inspire me to continue on the direction I’m going in my life now. These are women who I’ve crossed paths with in life who have the physical strength and intelligence of warriors–ones that have the capability physically and mentally to take on the challenges of real life, but also show the occasional vulnerabilities that make them real, and remind me that we all have weaknesses to deal with everyday, be it a sprained wrist or a broken heart.

I thank you lovely women…hope you know who you are…in fact, call me, and I will tell you if made the cut. ;p


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