Washing away the dirt

Woke up again today to the sound of helicopters and sirens, but I hope it will be the last morning of that, at least for a while.  Rain and and a possible thunderstorm are predicted for this afternoon. My hope is that the rain will drive away the vandals who hide behind masks.

Regardless of all the inconsistencies I feel are in the Occupy Wall Street movement, people do have a right to protest.  But at this point, it appears almost impossible to hold a mass demonstration in the Bay Area without this destructive faction.  They are like selfish children, throwing a tantrum in the middle of a party, ruining it for everyone, which includes the other protesters and the people of Oakland.  This one group destroys without creating something of value, just to make noise and get attention.

And that’s the thing.  Sometimes in nature a destructive element, like a forest fire, is necessary to foster new growth. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with the masked faction.  What I do hope is that nature will step in today to flush out the dirt, and give us a good place to start fresh.


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