You, downtown Oakland, are no Wall Street

When I think of Wall Street, I don’t think of downtown Oakland. Maybe healthcare organizations, or Clorox, or insurance, but not Wall Street. But now downtown Oakland is full of riot police, tear gas, and the drone of helicopters.  Whee!  Just what this city, which is already saddled with urban blight, violence, etc., needs.

Occupy Oakland protesters want to take back their rat-infested, graffiti covered, garbage strewn encampment.  And none of this will accomplish anything but making time on TV.

Please understand, I believe there is an inequality as far as rich vs. poor.  But most people want to be rich–or at least have enough money to live comfortably.  It’s often why people make risky investments.  Or, more often, why people go into debt buying homes, cars, and other items to make them appear wealthy.  Sure, the bailout of Wall Street is a hard thing to justify, but what about all the people who were so greedy that they put themselves in a position where they could be taken care of by unscrupulous bankers, traders, etc.?


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