Robin Pecknold is still a hippie

My boyfriend kindly asked me to join him to see Fleet Foxes at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur last weekend. Though I wasn’t too sure about how much I liked the band, the venue nestled in a small valley filled with Redwoods is growing on me…a highlight being that the shows only acomadate 200-250 people. Henry Miller Library also seems to be the only place in California where it is OK for people from the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles to speak kindly with each other.  Random conversations can happen between Californians without that snotty sneering knowing look of n0rth versus south.

So, while walking to grab drinks for my boyfriend and me, I see this hippie dude with rolled up high waters and a shapeless sweater smiling at me, and all I can think, is why is this f—ing hippie looking at me?…I smile back politely, but think “you are a dirty urchin.” Little do I know until he hits the stage that he’s the lead singer to Fleet Foxes…who proceeded to make me feel better that I had given him the compliment of comparing him to Neil Young (light) when I had only heard his voice. But going beyond that, the band trooped out an arsenal of instruments and played them with a skill that showed me whomever produced their album sucked out the guts of their artistry on their recorded album.

Producer be damned, it was a stellar live performance, full of expert musicianship, plus witty banter between band members and great raport with the audience.  To be fair, Robin’s not Neil Young-light. He’s a hippie, but an expert showman and musician in his own right.

And I thank Dr. T for a trip to the ocean.



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