Money can’t buy me love, or health…sort of…

A number of maladies hit my family recently, ranging from the more serious, like a bicycle accident to the more minor, such as an ingrown toenail.  Because of this, I’ve spent time on three separate days this week sitting in hospital rooms waiting for family members. This of course makes me think a lot about my own health.

For the most part, I’m lucky because I don’t have any major health issues that impede the regular activities of my daily life. And even if I’m not employed full-time, I’m currently able to pay for a health plan, albeit a cheap one. If I become sick, I should at least be able to take care of my bills.

But no matter how much money I have, there are some illnesses and injuries that are not treatable.  A good health plan, plus walking the dog, training capoeira, riding a bike, and eating lots of fruits and vegetables all help keep me healthy, but they don’t ensure that I won’t get sick or physically hurt. So, while the next stage of my life gels, I’m taking advantage of the time and health that I have to move, kick, punch, and ride as much as I can.

If you could do some physical activity right now, what would it be?  Golf? Dance? Cat juggle?


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