The Noble Rot

You can plan all you want, but some things don’t turn out the way you envisioned.  But if you’re already on the path to what you need to be doing, you can adjust and end up with something even better than expected.  Just like edelfaule, otherwise known as “noble rot.”

For those not familiar with the term, noble rot is what happens when grapes become infected with a fungus called botrytis that can potentially destroy crops, but under the right conditions and care can create a concentrated and sweet wine. Many may know these wines under its French name of Sauternes (or Tokaji as my dear sister-in-law knows it).

And so the name for the blog–sometimes what I write is noble, sometimes it’s rot, other times, both. So many factors figure into what I produce in addition to how the audience wants to perceive it. Like wine, it often comes down to personal taste. And of course, the German name is a nod to my family’s roots.

Obviously, I’m still trying to master blogging (yes, hello 2000). Like always, I am a late bloomer. Sometimes it’s better to keep those grapes on the vine just a little longer.


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